Everyone loves a good personality profile, so we’re here to deliver! We make our live resin products with your lifestyle in mind. Whether you’re an active individual with a lot on your plate or someone just looking for a way to chill, there’s a Mona Mood for you.

Mona Mood: Fresh

Fresh is for the early-morning go-getters. Fresh is for the ones who need that early caffeine boost who need to be a hero at home and at work. Mona Fresh is a fantastic alternative if you want to switch things up, or if you’re giving up caffeine for the New Year. The Mona Fresh individuals are adventurous, focused, and determined.

Mona Mood: Energize

Energize is for morning people who hit that 3 PM slump like a brick wall but still need to get work done. This pick-me-up will keep you going so you can catch that second wind. Play that cello and crunch those numbers in a way only you know how. The Mona Energize unicorns are unique, unpredictable, and clever.

Mona Mood: Create

Create is for those who like losing themselves to their craft and just need a little something to help them focus. Whether your passion is painting or if you really need to sit down at your laptop to bang out a few chapters of that book, Create’s got the stuff to get you in the zone. The Mona Create peeps are ethereal, artistic, and insightful.

Mona Mood: Chill

Mona Chill is for the people that need to wind down after a long, stressful day at work. Putting on some easy beats, find a comfortable chair, and kick it Mona style. The Mona Chill folks are fun, hard-working, and good-natured.

Mona Mood: Dream

Got insomnia? Dream just might be what the doctor ordered. When you can’t get your brain to zone out before bed, Dream will take off the edge. Get out of your own head and snag the z’s you deserve (and need)! The Mona Dream bros are shy, practical, and thoughtful.

Which mood are you?

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