Watching films high can be a pretty wild experience- or a fantastic one. When you hit it with MŌNA Chill and crash on the couch with some snacks after a long day, and decide to turn on the TV, we’ve got some great film suggestions for you!

Mandy High Films

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But only if you’re in the mood for a thriller or a horror film. This one’s a high-adrenaline fever dream with some of the craziest action sequences, choppiest scenes, and dizzy-making camerawork we’ve ever seen. Plus, it’s got Nick Cage on lock! Mandy isn’t for every horror fan, but watching it supremely baked will help.

Interstellar high films

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ATMOSPHERIC: Interstellar

This masterpiece is a good one to watch any day,  but we’d say that the desolate scenery and atmospheric sound mixing, and soundtrack are perfect for settling down and mellowing out. The trippiest moment is definitely when Matthew McConaughey crosses the event horizon of the black hole. We’ve got goosebumps!

scott pilgrim vs the world high films

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WACKY FUN: Scott Pilgrim Vs The World

This pop-culture classic is a must-watch when you’re feeling stressed and down. Watching it high is even better! The video game-style set-up and the zany action sequences look even more pimped out when you’re in the zone. It’ll get you feeling great and bring a smile to your face!

inception high films

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Mind-Bending: Inception

Chris Nolan is really killing it on our list! Inception’s a no-brainer with all of its mind-bending contrarian CGI sets, surreal dream sequences, and totally awesome action scenes. Maybe while you’re up there, you can puzzle out the iconically cryptic ending of this film.

the big lebowski high films

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Just for Stoners: The Big Lebowski

This is the first of our recommended films that’s for stoners only. Just kidding. Though the wild dream sequences and the wacky plot are definitely worth experiencing while high! They might even make more sense that way.

Tangled high films

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Soothing: TAngled

Okay, hear us out. The feature’s original storyboards were made to look like an oil painting. Unfortunately, it was going to be too expensive for the studio to completely carry through. When you’re baked,  though, it looks even more like how they originally intended. Also, the musical numbers are fun (especially “I See the Light”. Wow). This is a low-stress option if that’s what you’re aiming for.

Let us know what you think of our list of films! What are some of your favorites to watch while high?

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