Pre-rolls are the name of the game.

As the name suggests, we do the work of rolling your blunts so you have more time to enjoy them- sans the fuss. You can get a common pre-roll anywhere, so why you should get yours from MŌNA? Well, it’s simple. It’s no secret that we have some of the dopest dope on the market. We have many rare strains on tap that are handpicked by us and we infuse live resin into every product.

Except, perhaps, our hoodies. (We’ll get back to you on that.)

handpicked cannabis for pre-rolls

Our Flower is Handpicked With Love

Well, not just love.

MŌNA’s general manager collaborates with California weed farmers to select only the best cannabis plants from a variety of different strains to be featured in MŌNA Brand products. Our pre-rolls are no exception. The level of discernment needed for this exercise is key to our premium brand status, and one step to manufacturing our best-in-class cannabis products.

Rare cannabis strains for pre-rolls

We PUT Rare Strains in our Pre-rolls

We offer a number of rare strains that aren’t always available on the market. So, our joints are even more magical! OOG Chem is among the strains we offer. For more info, give us a call for and we’ll be happy to tell you which strains we have in stock.

MŌNA brand pre-rolls

LivE Resin-Infused Pre-Roll Paradise

Get that live resin high without the rig. We get it; the dab rig can be really intimidating (and let’s face it, pretty dangerous), so that’s why we took it out of the equation altogether! You can still enjoy a smooth live resin high when you don’t feel like dealing with the mess of a rig. Our premium live resin sauce-infused pre-roll is a love letter from MŌNA to you and a reminder that it’s okay not to work so hard for the high you deserve.

Have you ever tried a MŌNA pre-roll? If so, do you have a favorite?

If not, what are you waiting for? Check out our amazing selection! 

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