Our customers love our cannabis, but you don’t have to take our word for it!  Check out these customer testimonials to see what they’re saying about our premium live resin-infused products and decide for yourself!

Our Pre-Rolls and Cartridges are Potent while our competition lags behind

“I have been an avid cannabis user for almost 50 years. I had pretty much given up on cartridges and pre-rolls. The stuff tastes horrible and isn’t strong at all. A close friend told me that I had to try MŌNA. So I did. I bought one pre-roll and one cartridge. The pre-roll had excellent flower. The purple anarchy was really tasty and strong and I love the live resin infusion. You can see it on the paper. It was an excellent pre-roll quality all the way. The cartridge was also live resin and so much stronger and cleaner tasting than distillate cartridges which I’ve grown to hate. I thanked my friend for turning me onto MŌNA products. This is obviously a brand that puts quality first. I hope they are around for a very long time.” – One of Our Anonymous Customer Testimonials 

We Help Our Clients sleep with our Indica Hydrid, MONA Dream

“I’m not a regular smoker, and when I do, I only smoke Indica to deal with insomnia. MŌNA’s Dream pre-roll BY FAR has exceeded all brands I’ve tried before.” – One of Our Anonymous Customer Testimonials 

 smoking customer testimonials

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The Last Hit is Just as Good as the First

“I don’t smoke often so finishing a whole gram is out of the question, but what I love about MŌNA is the second/third/fourth time I lite up, it tastes just as good as the first!! No burnt flavor or “old weed” smell as I’ve had with most products! This Dream pre-roll will definitely my go-to!” – Anonymous

mona energize

MONA Energize gives our customers the Energy they Need

“Tried MŌNA’s Energize OOG Chem pre-roll for the first time, and I had a great experience. The flavors were piney and pungent while providing a high potency. After 4 or 5 hits I had a great euphoric head high with a lift of energy to go about my day.” -Anonymous 

Zombie Fieldz is a Dabber’s Delight

“I love to dab and my favorite form of concentrate is live resin. I’ve been on the hunt for a strawberry terp profile that has gas. Zombie Fields by MŌNA was just what I was looking for! I’ve had countless times buying live resin where it is more sauce than diamonds. What I loved about MONA is that it was a cluster of diamonds with terps in every dab!” – Glen, 31 Years old

Great branding, superior Quality

“Recently my friends and I were exploring some new cannabis products and I was introduced to a new brand that quickly captivated me named MŌNA. From the uplifting and colorful branding to the distinct superiority of quality, I was pleasantly surprised by this product and felt it deserved a quick shout!” – One of Our Anonymous Customer Testimonials 

mona create inspires creativity

MONA Create Truly inspires Creativity

“I had the privilege of consuming both the ‘energize’ and ‘chill’ live resin pre-rolls. The live resin prerolls provide a strong smoke and the quality of the product is evident from start to finish. I also tried the ‘create’ live resin cartridge and this was by far the cleanest and highest quality resin that I’ve tasted in some time. The long-lasting effects provide a great way to keep creating. The branding is colorful and provides the user a short description of the experience that awaits.” – Anonymous 

Smoking MONA is like Drinking Artisanal Coffee

“Smoking fine high-grade cannabis could very well be cross-compared to drinking quality coffee based on unique tastes, different varieties, strengths, and smells that create a true 5 sense experience. For MŌNA this is the same and the brand and its products are hands down steps ahead of others and offer superior quality, taste, and feel creating an overall exceptional experience for the user.” – Anonymous 

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MONA Delivers the Highest Grade California Cannabis

“I would highly recommend @themonabrand to other friends family members and will definitely be purchasing more products in the future. We all know Cali has some of the world’s best cannabis and MŌNA delivers on all fronts representing every aspect of the highest grade.” – Anonymous 

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