About MŌNA Brand


MŌNA is not your typical cannabis company.

Here, we value creativity and quality above all else. MŌNA helps users unleash their creativity with premium farm-to-consumer live resin products every day!

We understand that though the world is full of professional artists, whether they’re painters, dancers, singers, or musicians, everyone has their own creative flair. This is why we developed a product with them in mind. We know that daily distractions like work, school, or just life in general, can dull the creative spark and get rid of any peace that comes from following your bliss. All of that is about to change with MŌNA.

Chase Your Bliss with MŌNA

At MŌNA, you don’t have to be a professional artist to be creative. Even if you’re someone who enjoys hiking, telling jokes or decorating homes for fun, we have something for you! We all have our own innate brand of creativity that we must embrace if we want to become the best version of ourselves. Self-actualize with MŌNA’s premium cannabis products made from some of the purest live resin anywhere!

Named after DaVinci’s priceless Mona Lisa, MŌNA is all about getting in the zone. The halo above the “O” in MŌNA is a reference to getting you to a higher point in your life and allowing you to harness your creativity. We’re pleased to offer premium live resin products, handpicked by California cannabis farmers, to help our MŌNA family chase their highs and reach their highest potential.

MŌNA Live Resin

Our Live Resin Extract is Top Tier

We utilize the best extraction methods and the most cutting-edge technology in the industry to ensure that we’re supplying our users with the highest-quality live resin extract out there. Our mission is to make cannabis products with pleasing aesthetics, smells, flavors and unrivaled potency. We use a combination of technology and fine-tuned methods to isolate the live resin extract from the cannabis’ trichome glands to create the cleanest, freshest and most terpene-heavy product on the market. This is why we’re confident that our live resin is about the purest cannabis extract you can achieve.

To maintain high-quality consistency, MŌNA tests all of our extracts by looking at the aesthetics and the ratio of diamonds to terpenes. The ratio has to be perfect before we put our name on it. When you buy MŌNA cannabis products, you’ll achieve the best high you’ve ever had. Are you ready to get in the zone?

Once you take MŌNA products, there’s no going back. Kiss daily distractions goodbye!

Unleash your creativity with MŌNA.