Meet Our General Manager: Dylan

MŌNA’s general manager, Dylan, is a cannabis connoisseur with over five years of extensive experience in the cannabis space. He’s done it all – from analyzing why people take cannabis, to cannabis manufacturing. Dylan has found his calling at MŌNA.

As general manager, Dylan’s main job focuses entirely on quality assurance. It’s no secret that our high-quality products are what set us apart from other cannabis companies. This is why Dylan helps California cannabis farmers handpick the cannabis that will eventually go into MŌNA products.

Dylan has established close connections with farmers, extractors and other industry contacts to ensure that the best MŌNA products are created. Thanks to his work as an impeccable liaison, MŌNA has secured a wide selection of cannabis strains, including the rarer ones not often seen on the market. Every strain that Dylan chooses coincides with MŌNA’s mission to unleash your creativity.

But his role doesn’t stop there. As general manager, Dylan ensures that the production of every product meets the premium quality standard that MŌNA is all about. He smells live resin extract terpenes and oversees extract testing.

Dylan truly makes MŌNA a farm-to-consumer product.