MŌNA Products

MŌNA Products

MŌNA products are made from our premium farm-to-consumer live resin extract. The extract is manufactured from handpicked fresh cannabis selected from top-notch cannabis farms in California. MŌNA establishes close connections with these farms so we can use rarer strains not often seen on the market. Every strain chosen coincides with MŌNA’s mission to unleash your creativity.

Much like our users, MŌNA unleashes its creativity through the art form of extracting live resin from cannabis. We perfecting our live resin extract to perfection, ensuring pleasing aesthetics, smells, flavors and potency. This process takes a high level of precision and skill which we have in spades.

At MŌNA, we use the best extraction methods and most cutting-edge technologies to ensure a high-quality live resin product with an excellent flavor and potent profile. We use a blend of technology and a fine-tuned method to isolate the live resin extract from the cannabis’ trichome glands. This is how we create a clean, fresh and terpene-heavy product. MŌNA’s live resin extract is about the purest you can achieve.

To maintain high-quality consistency, we test the extract by taking note of the aesthetic value. Our rigorous quality assurance process ensures that the ratio of diamonds to terpenes is perfect before we affix the MŌNA label to it.

Unleash your creativity with our premium live resin MŌNA products.

Which MŌna Mood Is Right For You


High CBD

A perfect way to start your day. Get extra focus and increase your mental clarity.



Early afternoon or anytime you need a pick-me-up. An uplifting way to fuel your activities.


Sativa dominant hybrid

A little help when you have time work and need to focus. Grab your paintbrush or violin and do your thing.


Indica dominant hybrid

After work is done, and it’s time to relax. Take it easy and keep cool.



Experience relaxing and calming vibes before bedtime.

Unleash Your Creativity

Once we extract our premium farm-to-consumer resin from the cannabis plant, we turn around and use it in a variety of exclusive MŌNA products. From jars to cartridges to pre-rolls, all of MŌNA Brand’s products use the best live resin extract in California to fulfill one goal; to limit distractions so that you can unleash your creativity.

MŌNA products are designed to help our customers attain the best high ever. Our products embody our care and compassion for our users when we elevate their experience with premium live resin extract. Our products are all-natural, safe and consistent and are devoid of additives, artificial flavors and fillers.



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