Live Resin Sauce

MŌNA Brand Live Resin Sauce

Your live resin sauce search stops here.

MŌNA’s entire product line contains premium live resin extract, so it makes sense to sell our flagship product by itself, too. Our live resin extract is a flavorful combination of diamonds and sauce which we offered in one-gram jars. Dab our live resin or add it to flower for a more potent, flavorful experience.

Our live resin extract is made from hand-selected fresh, frozen cannabis extracted with butane. The end product? A potent and aromatic sauce with a terpene-rich consistency and THCA crystals.

Our main product is our premium farm-to-consumer live resin extract, so we do our best to guarantee that our live resin has the best flavor and most potent profile out there. We test the extract to maintain high-quality consistency by evaluating its aesthetics. Our rigorous quality assurance process ensures that the ratio of diamonds to terpenes is perfect.

Order MŌNA’s live resin extract from a local dispensary or delivery service today.